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General informations

The Institut Ophtalmologique Sourdille-Atlantique is part of the SANTE ATLANTIQUE complex which is in the western part of Nantes, close to the ATLANTIS complex and the Zenith but inside the ring road.

There are 3 different doors.
You will choose the door according to the car park you will use, an inner street leads then to the Institut Ophtalmologique Sourdille-Atlantique.

The Ophthalmological Institute occupies the entire building C

The ambulatory service dedicated to ophthalmology occupies the entire first floor of building B 

Anesthesia consultations and pre-admission offices occupy Building D on the same floor .

If you come by car:
  • Take the exit"Porte d'Armor" (n°33) or "Porte de Chezine" (n°34).
  • Go to one of the car parks that have different entrances (they are free for 45 minutes and then become paying)
  • If you are using the parking  D or F you can use door D, the inner street is on the floor above, turn right when you get out of the elevator.
  • If you are using the ABC parking, you will take the ABC gate , you are at the inner street level, turn left.
  • An "Ophthalmology" sign in the inner street marks the entrance to the institute.

For patients with reduced mobility:

There is a minute drop-off for people with reduced mobility or ambulances, access is via car park D, go under the arch between the maternity ward and radiology and then ring the bell at the barrier . You then have access by car to the back of building C.

If you're coming by public transportation:  Bus / Tram

- Bus line 59 : Take direction "Mendes France / Bellevue" and get off at "Claude Bernard"

- Chronobus line C3: Take direction "Armor" and get off at "Claude Bernard"

- Chronobus line C6: Take direction "Hermeland" and get off at "Polyclinique"

- Tram line 1 : Stop "Neruda" then Bus N° 59 and get off at "Claude Bernard".


Dr Escalas practices within the Institut Ophtalmologique Sourdille-Atlantique wich is the result of the grouping of 2 large groups of ophthalmologists from Nantes: The "Clinique Sourdille", exclusively dedicated to ophthalmology for several generations, which enjoyed a great notoriety with the public as well as with colleagues. And a group created by André Baron which quickly developed by being a precursor in retinal and anterior segment surgery. This team also had a national notoriety thanks to the expertise acquired in cataract surgery the organization of the congress "Phakomania" which will be renewed 6 times.

These 2 groups will gradually expand and achieve a considerable volume of surgical procedures, without equivalent in France.

From 2010, the two clinics are each considering the construction of new buildings more adapted to the evolution of the specialty. By chance, the two groups need to evolve simultaneously in order to increase efficiency and ergonomy of the clinic for the next 20 years, thus offering the opportunity for a merger. This merger took place in 2018 and brought together all those who shared the same values and the same vision of the practice of ophthalmology.

Today we are 24 ophthalmologists whose skills cover all the subspecialties of ophthalmology, both medical and surgical, the Oculoplastic unit includes 5 doctors.   

Our ambition is to be a benchmark player in the field of ophthalmology that respects freedom of practice while creating a supportive community that takes into account the collective interest, patients, employees and physicians. 

Institute's website: https: //www.sourdille-atlantique.fr/


Dr. Pierre Escalas

Ophthalmologist Oculoplasticien


Secretary and operating assistant
Geraldine is a nurse by training, she has an excellent knowledge of pathologies in the field of oculoplastic and will be able to give you a multitude of practical information in pre and post surgery.


Always smiling and available, she will be there to listen to you.

Magali FARCY

Head of the operating theatre


Institut Ophtalmologique Sourdille-Atlantique is located in building C, where you will find

  • Consultation rooms
  • The Retinal Exploration Unit (OCT)
  • The neuro ophthalmological exploration unit
  • the lens fitting unit
  • Argon and yag laser rooms
  • The echopraphy unit
  • Orthoptics and Visual Fields Service
  • The low vision rehabilitation service

The ambulatory surgery unit dedicated to ophthalmology occupies the entire first floor of building B, it includes :
  • an operating hall with 4 theaters equipped with the latest generation Zeiss microscope
  • An operating room dedicated to retinal surgery equipped for 3D surgery
  • An operating room dedicated to the surgery of children and strabismus

These rooms are articulated with the rest of the unit in a very ergonomic way optimised to limit waiting times and simplify the stay as much as possible, which will be limited to a few hours most of the time.

The anaesthesia consultation unit is located in building D, on the same level as the inner street, near the pre-admission office.

The clinic has been ranked 7th best health establishment and first private clinic in France by the Newsweek newspaper in 2022: