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Filling of dark circles with hyaluronic acid

Surgeon: Dr. Pierre Escalas

Institut Ophtalmologique Sourdille Atlantique Nantes / Saint Herblain

The dark circle is a depression along the lower rim of the eye socket
It can be constitutional and present from childhood or appear with age, with a very strong impact on the ageing of the eyes.

This ring can be filled with hyaluronic acid which is a natural product slightly modified to give it a longer life.

This area is delicate because an excess of product, even minimal, will have a significant visual impact, so we deliberately aim for a slight under-correction.

This film describes my technique which uses cannulas, i.e. large diameter needles with a rounded end which considerably reduces the risk of injury to a blood vessel and therefore the risk of bleeding or injection of the product into a vessel

An anaesthetic is mixed with the hyaluronic acid and the procedure is virtually painless


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