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From January 2022, I will share my activity with my partner Dr Alexandre Marill. Dr Marill has acquired specific experience in the field of orbito-palpebral surgery (oculoplasty) by completing part of his internship and 3 years as an assistant at the Rothschild Foundation in Paris, which is the largest oculoplastic surgery centre in France. We share the same vision of the practice of our profession: total transparency in the reflection leading to the decision to carry out an operation, careful evaluation of the benefit/risk ratio, and a vision of aesthetics favouring naturalness. He has my full confidence. From now on, I am mainly dedicated to eye surgery, i.e. ptosis surgery as well as aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, in particular lipostructure with micro and nano fat grafts. For other pathologies (lacrimal surgery, palpebral tumours, entropion, ectropion, etc.), it is possible that my secretary or myself will direct you to him.


Dr Alexandre Marill

2018 - 2021
Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation Hospital, Paris - Dr Galatoire's Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery Department, Specialist Assistant
2012 - 2018
CHU d'Angers, 3rd cycle of medical studies - Diploma of Specialized Studies in Ophthalmology
National competitiveexamination, Ophthalmology in Angers
Faculty of Medicine of Nantes, Master 1 in biostatistics
2005 - 2012
Faculty of Medicine of Nantes, 1st and 2nd cycles of medical studies
Inter-University Diploma in Orbito-Palpebro-Lacrimal Surgery
Diploma of Specialised Studies in Ophthalmology
Diplôme d'Etat de Docteur en Médecine
Thesis defended on 13 February 2017
"A Metabolomics Profiling of Glaucoma Points to Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Senescence,and Polyamines Deficiency " - Leruez S, Marill A, Bresson T, de Saint Martin G, Buisset A, MullerJ, Tessier L, Gadras C, Verny C, Gohier P, Amati-Bonneau P, Lenaers G, Bonneau D, Simard G,Milea D, Procaccio V, Reynier P, Chao de la Barca JM.


There are no publications to display at the moment.


Congrès - Société Française d’Ophtalmologie
  • 2019 : Développement durable : perspectives en chirurgie oculoplastique | Communication orale
  • 2017 : Neuropathie optique de LEBER : y penser même aux âges extrêmes de la vie | Poster 

                     Marill A, Barth M, Gueden S, Gohier P, Caignard A, Giraudet S, Leruez S

  • 2015 : Efficacité et tolérance du gel de cystéamine dans le traitement de la cystinose oculaire | Poster 

                     Marill A, Gohier P, Caignard A, Descamps M, Milea D

  • 2014 : Névrite optique bilatérale associée à une vaccination par Gardasil | Poster 

                     Marill A, Caignard A, Lévêque R, Brisard JP, De Marco O, Milea D

  • 2013 : Une atteinte palpébrale originale au cours d'une polychondrite atrophiante | Poster 

                     Marill A, Gonçalves A, Leruez S, Miléa D, Laccourreye L, Lavigne C, Gohier P

Congrès - Société Ophtalmologique Plastique Reconstructrice Esthétique Française
  • 2020 : Présentation de 3 articles récents d’oculoplastie et de chirurgie orbitaire | Communication orale

                      Séance de bibliographie de la SOPREF

  • 2019 : Présentation de 3 articles récents d’oculoplastie et de chirurgie orbitaire | Communication orale

                     Séance de bibliographie de la SOPREF

  • 2017 :  Lipostructure : Evolution des volumes à court et long et terme | Communication orale 

                      Escalas P, Marill A

Congrès - European society of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • 2020 : Role of immunomodulation and new target therapy | Communication orale
  • 2020 : Orbital implants: what is the best choice? | Communication orale
  • 2020 : Pre corneal perforation in a malignant thyroid eye disease | Communication orale
  • 2018  : Epidermoid carcinoma of the lacrimal sac masquerading as dacryocystitis | Poster

Congrès – Advanced Ophthalmologic Practice

2020 : Ptosis : physiopathologie et examen clinique | Communication orale

Cours - Intervenant
Diplôme Inter Universitaire de chirurgie orbito-palpébro-lacrymal
  • 2021 : Tumeurs vasculaires de l’orbite
  • 2020 : Ptosis : examen clinique, étiologies et techniques chirurgicales »
  • 2019 : Inflammations orbitaires spécifiques 

                     Chirurgie réparatrice des paupières des patients atteints d’une orbitopathie de Basedow

Club Thyroïde Ile de France
  • 2019 : Orbitopathie Basedowienne : signes cliniques d’alerte pour l’endocrinologue